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Ethos Athletes Podcast

Welcome to the Ethos Athletes Podcast hosted by Dr. Matthew Hernandez. This podcast was made to help individuals gain knowledge about various topics in the fitness world to improve their workouts and overall health. We draw our knowledge from experts in the Phoenix Metro Area who work with CrossFit athletes.  


Dr. Matt is a co-owner of Ethos Integrative Medicine and specializes in using Regenerative Medicine to help athletes recover from injury. 

Aug 13, 2020

More and more medical studies have been coming out discussing the importance of gut health and how it can drastically impact our body. 

To help us dive further into this issue, I brought in Dr. Michelle Retz who is the faculty chair for Gastroenterology at SCNM and a physician at Ethos Integrative Medicine

In this episode, Dr. Retz discusses what normal gut health looks like and gives a brief overview of its impact on the body.